People like to call us Canadian Geese, but good ornithologists (or bird scientists) know our real name, the Canada Goose!

We Canada Geese have webbed feet, which makes us excellent swimmers. We also have wide, flat bills. 

Canada Geese are vegetarians, which means we only eat plants. We use our bills to eat plants like grains, grasses, skunk cabbage, alfalfa, clover, wheat, beans, rice, corn and water weeds in the morning and afternoon. We like to spend the rest of the day out on the water. 

While some of us live in the watershed year round, many of us like to fly to warmer places in the winter. In the Spring and Fall you can see Canada Geese flying in big V-shapes in the sky and we take turns being the leader. 


Size: 30-43in
Food: Grasses, grains, berries, water weeds
Habitat: All over North America, specifically near ponds and fields

Source: Cornell Lab of Ornithology