Issue: Cargill, Inc. Proposal to Drill Shaft#4

During 2016, Cargill, Inc. announced plans to drill a new shaft, Shaft #4, on the Cayuga Lake shoreline north of their present salt mine operations in Lansing. The project site is situated on the west side of NYS 34B, one half mile south of the intersection of Ridge Road and and 1900 feet north of the intersection of 34B and Ross Road. The proposed project is summarized in the downloadable document to the right titled "2016 6 30 Negative Declaration Shaft4."

  • Provided to the right are several downloadable documents of interest in evaluating this project.
  • Public comments are due by December 9, 2016 on this proposed project.  
  • A "Cargill Letter Template Points" is provided to the right;
  • An "Issues Sheet" is provided to the right.
  • Public comments on Cargill's Shaft 4 project should be sent to: Dlugolenski, Joe M (DEC) <>
  • For more information please contact John Dennis