Hydrilla Hunters 

Autumn 2013


Volunteer THANK YOU & Public Information Meeting

November 12, Tompkins Public Library, Ithaca NY


6:30 PM: Thanking and recognizing the volunteers around the lake who helped train and educate many others to watch for hydrilla this past summer.


Hydrilla Hunters & friends:

Please attend for refreshments, information, & appreciation!


7:00 PM: Stay for the public information session to be presented by members of the Hydrilla Task Force of the Cayuga Lake Watershed.


Get your questions answered:

How effective was the 2013 treatment in Cayuga Inlet?

Where else was hydrilla found and how was it dealt with?

What can we be doing to prevent its take-over of our shoreline and shallow waters?

What are the plans for 2014?


Details on presenters will be available soon.


Location:  Borg Warner Room East

Tompkins County Public Library

101 E. Green Street, Ithaca NY

Date:  Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Time: 6:30 PM volunteer thank you; 7:00-8:30 PM Formal presentations, questions and answers.

Lakefront Hydrilla Hunters Needed Around Cayuga Lake: 

 As we learned during August 2013, some hydrilla plants have become established in the lake outlet area of Fall Creek , and along the lakeshore to the east. While these infestations have been dealt with, this is a signal to us all for increased public awareness and training.


The professional monitoring teams need the assistance of Hydrilla Hunters patrolling and reporting on lakefront properties and checking your boats and docks! YOU. Contact steward@cayugalake.org  to learn how to identify hydrilla, and get ready for the summer 2014 “hydrilla season.”


NEW – IMPROVED! Hydrilla I.D. Sheets Available: We are mailing (free) Hydrilla I.D. sheets, which include other lake plant look-a-likes for comparison, printed in high-quality color on clear plastic sheets. Please contact Hilary at steward@cayugalake.org   to obtain one or more copies for your use in watching for hydrilla along the lake and in the creeks. Thanks to the West Shore Homeowners Association for funding these detection tools and to Josh Teeter, NY State Parks, for conception and design!


Who We Are, Where to Get Information & Report Possible Hydrilla Infestations: 

The Hydrilla Hunters is an informal, trained group of Cayuga Lake watershed residents working together to prevent takeover of our lake and creeks by the aquatic invasive plant, Hydrilla verticillata. We are affiliated with the Hydrilla Task Force of the Cayuga Lake Watershed. This newsletter provides information about hydrilla and its eradication on Cayuga Lake.   Information & report forms:  www.StopHydrilla.org. On Facebook at Stophydrilla.org ; Twitter: @Stophydrilla.

Join the Hydrilla Hunters: 
Contact Hilary Lambert steward@cayugalake.org