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Water withdrawals for gas drilling and fracking uses, NY StateNew (2013) NY DEC water withdrawal regulations for NYS, with concerns for Great Lakes Basin area (Finger Lakes), on Rachel Treichler’s New York Water Law blog

Community organizations to join or contact: Dryden Resource Awareness Coalition (DRAC) ; Finger Lakes Clean Water Initiative ; Gas Drilling Awareness for Cortland County (GDACC)Gas Free SenecaShaleshock Citizen's Action Coalition provides a full list of community groups and organizations.

Tompkins County, NY documents and decisions: Tompkins County Council of Governments. 2011. Community impact assessment: High volume hydraulic fracturing:

Leased property, concerned, want to know about rights and lease termination:  The organization Fleased is providing a voice for fellow landholders who leased mineral rights before we knew that shale gas exploitation threatened our land, air, water, and communities:

Rights of NY towns to ban gas drilling and fracking: The Community Environmental Defense Council Inc: Advice for your town on a gas drilling ban or moratorium  

Challenges to NY towns’ rights to ban gas drilling and fracking: Legal challenges to NY towns’ rights to ban gas drilling and fracking and info on the Town of Dryden NY lawsuit.

Maps of gas leases:

Maps of Bans and Moratoria: 

Current High Volume Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing Drilling Bans and Moratoria in NY State: - Includes maps and lists of communities that have passed bans, moratoria, or have movements for prohibition. In June of 2013, the Keuka Citizens Against Fracking Shared an updated Moratori map, which you can find here.

Documentaries, Films, Videos, Art:


Cornell University Cooperative Extension Natural Gas Resource Center provides a full spectrum of information about gas drilling and fracking.  

River Network "Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Resources" (2012):