Independent Contractor



The Cayuga Lake Watershed Intermunicipal Organization (IO) seeks an independent consultant to catalogue water-quality-related projects undertaken by municipalities and soil and water districts within the Cayuga Lake Watershed.  (For a description of the watershed see the IO website at  Consultant will contact municipal personnel and officials as well as soil and water district personnel to gather information on recently completed water quality related projects, projects currently underway, and projects planned for the near future.  Consultant will enter information regarding project type, location, cost, project partners, and anticipated benefits into an Excel spreadsheet.  Consultant will present the collected information to the IO at a regular meeting and post it to the IO’s website.   Consultant will be paid $2,000 upon delivery of the completed project, due within 3 months from the start of the contract. 



Bachelor’s or higher degree in an appropriate discipline (ecology, natural resources, geography, environmental science or education) and/or appropriate experience with natural resource/environmental organization or municipality.

Communication skills and personal attributes appropriate for conducting interviews and representing the IO.

Basic understanding of stormwater management and drainage issues.

Organizational skills appropriate for organizing the collected information and preparation of spreadsheet.

Information technology skills sufficient for posting catalogue of projects to the IO website.


Application Process:

Send a cover letter and resume by Friday, August 31st to:

Tee-Ann Hunter, Chair of the IO

Town of Ithaca

215 N. Tioga St.

Ithaca, NY 14850